Poultec has invested in training vehicles, enabling our tutors to take state-of-the-art learning and support facilities to any location. Each vehicle is a tailor-made learning environment, which can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

Hospitality Vehicle

The Hospitality Vehicle is a fully-functioning commercial kitchen on wheels. With its own generated power supply, water storage and waste water collection, this vehicle can provide high-end kitchen facilities in any location. The vehicle contains a range of ovens, hobs and refrigeration equipment, as well as plenty of food preparation space. This versatile vehicle can be used as a food preparation area or with its own serving window as a dedicated servery.

Information Vehicle

The Information Vehicle has been developed as a resource for providing information, advice and guidance but can also double as a classroom. It has its own generated power supply, powering a large plasma screen that can be linked to a laptop computer. The soft seating area and external canopy provide excellent breakout and networking areas.

All our vehicles are available to hire, with or without support staff. Contact us for more details.